Grand Wailea

Maintenance Evaluation


As part of a complete $50 million upgrade of the Grand Wailea, a premier Waldorf Astoria resort in Maui, the Pyramid Hotel Group retained BOCA Group to conduct a thorough maintenance evaluation of all elevator equipment. BOCA Group’s assessment revealed that the maintenance provider had failed to conduct necessary work due to the inability to source parts for the 20-year-old, foreign-made equipment. Due to the manufacturer’s refusal to sell the maintenance provider parts, the hotel had been forced to stockpile its own inventory of parts at exorbitant prices, resulting in increased expense and service delays. Without action, major service issues were imminent, resulting in elevator downtime and frustration for guests. At BOCA Group’s recommendation, the property owner chose to replace 15 of the hotel’s aging elevators with new, modern equipment, and retained BOCA Group to manage the project.


BOCA Group began by working with the existing elevator maintenance company to ensure that all existing elevators were in peak operating condition before some elevators were taken off-line for replacement. BOCA Group obtained 20-year-low pricing on equipment and labor, and created a five-year plan to replace three elevators each year, beginning with the beachfront and poolside elevators that were most frequently used and had suffered the most damage from exposure to humid, salty air. After sourcing contractors using a bid process, BOCA Group coordinated all work to ensure minimal disruption for hotel guests and staff, overseeing the replacement of all components, controls and wiring to ensure peak performance and user experience, as well as easy long-term maintenance. As modification work was completed, reusable parts of the existing elevators were saved, creating a steady supply of parts for future needs.


In addition to creating a full inventory of parts to service existing elevators that are awaiting replacement, BOCA Group allowed the Grand Wailea to spread its payments over the five years of the modernization project, while locking in the excellent prices that had been negotiated before work began. The Grand Wailea dramatically reduced its elevator maintenance expenses and can now provide the flawless elevator service its guests expect as part of a premier resort experience.

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