Whether an elevator or escalator system is being installed new, completely modernized or partially upgraded, the quality of the design is critical to future performance, efficiency and usability. BOCA Group’s engineers have been called upon to tackle some of the largest and most difficult vertical transportation design challenges in history, and have met or exceeded expectations in every case.

Modernization. BOCA Group specializes in the modernization of elevator and escalator systems, introducing the latest technologies to improve efficiency, speed, safety and aesthetics and increase a building’s value. We start with a thorough evaluation of existing components, determine what can be refurbished or upgraded, and suggest new components to upgrade the systems to a higher level of performance. Clients receive a comprehensive report detailing the scope of work and the budget required, as well as BOCA Group’s oversight of the bidding process to ensure high-quality construction and installation at a competitive price. Throughout the construction and implementation phase, BOCA Group oversees the work to ensure that both quality standards and project timelines are met. We are committed to preserving each building’s historical and architectural significance and minimizing the impact of installation and construction on tenants and visitors.

Upgrades. Often, a complete modernization is not required or feasible, but work is necessary to maintain dependable service or improve a building’s appearance. In such cases, BOCA Group evaluates existing elevator or escalator systems; recommends minor upgrades such as new door components, fixtures, monitoring systems or button panels; secures contractor bids; and oversees the work to ensure adherence to exact specifications.

New Installations. BOCA Group specializes in design of elevator and escalator systems during the pre-construction phase, ensuring that vertical transportation service is able to meet demand on the first day of occupancy and far into the future. Our traffic analysis and design services include evaluation of projected traffic flow patterns; recommendations for appropriate equipment, along with descriptions of electrical, structural and mechanical support infrastructure; and a comprehensive budget. BOCA Group then uses our bidding process to secure top-quality contractors, and works alongside the construction team from beginning to end, overseeing the installation of a complete vertical transportation solution to ensure maximum project efficiency.

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