Key Roles of A Consultant in Any Vertical Transportation System Project

Building owners and managers are tasked with an immense amount of responsibility for the overall functionality and maintenance of their buildings. Whether it is a residential project, office building, stadium, or other publicly accessible building such as a shopping center, hotel or hospital, the customer experience for visitors from the time they enter the building through the time they leave is of utmost importance. Nothing impacts a building’s overall functionality, safety and value quite like its vertical transportation system. There are many questions that may come to mind affecting how you approach your building’s vertical transportation strategy. For instance, how do you transport visitors in the most comfortable, and efficient way to the levels they need to access within your building? What challenges do you face when dealing with mechanical or design issues for the elevator and escalator systems? How do you know the units are operating at optimum levels? How does your vertical transportation system fit within the security infrastructure of a building? How does the vertical transportation fit within an emergency preparedness plan? What is the latest technology that allows the systems to function efficiently and make your building appealing to tenants?

Whether the vertical transportation systems within your building are being installed new or require a complete modernization and/or a partial upgrade, the quality of the design is critical to future performance, efficiency, overall usability and most importantly, the visitor experience. A vertical transportation consultant is a critical component of the overall building’s construction design, engineering and maintenance process, regardless of the type of building project.

New system design and installation provided by an experienced vertical transportation consulting firm will ensure that the elevator and escalator service is able to meet demand on the first day of occupancy, as well as over the long term life of the building. With a traffic analysis including evaluation of projected traffic patterns, recommendations for appropriate equipment, coordination of electrical, structural and mechanical infrastructure as well as a comprehensive budget, expert design and bidding services, an elevator and escalator consultant will be an integral part of the overall design and implementation of your system. In addition, your consultant can recommend top-quality contractors and administer the installation of a complete vertical transportation solution designed specifically for your building.

Introducing the latest vertical transportation technology to improve efficiency, speed, safety and aesthetics is the key to any complete modernization project. Through the evaluation of existing components, an experienced consultant will determine what can be refurbished or upgraded, as well as suggest new components and equipment that will increase the level of performance, while at the same time help to achieve the overall goals of the modernization project. A comprehensive report and budget can be provided to detail the scope of work, as well as the level of involvement, timeframes and oversight the consultant will provide from the bidding process throughout the construction and implementation phases for the modernization.

For existing projects where a full modernization is not required or feasible, but work is necessary to maintain dependable service or improve a building’s appearance, a vertical transportation consulting firm can evaluate the existing elevator and escalator systems and recommend upgrades for such items as door components, fixtures, monitoring systems and button panels. As with all types of vertical transportation consulting projects, securing contractor bids and overseeing the work through expert project management will ensure adherence to exact specifications for the recommended upgrades.

Whether your project involves analysis and design for a new construction project, or a consultation for recommendations on the modernization and/or upgrade of an existing vertical transportation system, BOCA Group is the partner of choice for the biggest and best-known building owners, architects and developers in America and around the world. Find out how our licensed and degreed inspectors, engineers and project managers can help evaluate, design and implement complete solutions for your elevator and escalator projects today.